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5 Quick Tips On How To Write A Good Research Paper Introduction

Every time you meet someone new, you introduce yourself. You try to make yourself look as nice and interesting as possible. Well, this is exactly what you have to do with your research paper. You need to introduce it to other people, to make it interesting and to convince them that it’s worth reading. The introduction is the way to know this, of course, and you need to make an excellent one. Don’t treat it superficially; it is more important than you think and it can really make the difference in front of your professor:

  1. Keep it short. I know that you want to create something great, but you can not write more than one or two paragraphs. If it’s longer than this, it will be confusing for anyone. Besides, they will not even know when the introduction ends and where the body of the research paper begins. Try to be explicit but to summarize every idea that you use.
  2. Mention the topic. This is the first thing that a reader wants to know from the very first lines. Also, you can mention why you chose this particular topic and why you thought it’s worth analyzing. If it was a topic given by your professor, mention what makes you interested in it. Maybe it will inspire other readers to search more information about this subject.
  3. Keep the mystery. Make sure that you don’t reveal everything in the first paragraph. They need to find out more and more from the body of the research paper, so stay away from details. When you write too much, they will feel like they already know everything and they will not be motivated to read.
  4. Challenge them. Alright, it’s just a figure of speech. What I mean is that you need to give them a reason to read. You can say that you took an interview from the most famous specialist in the field. Of course, you will not reveal his name or any information that you found out during this interview. They will be curious, so they will read.
  5. Talk about the research methods that you used. Many students just read on the Internet about the subject, but if you did more than this, it’s worth mentioning. An experiment, a statistic, anything out of the ordinary will make others interested.
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