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Composing A Good Research Paper Outline: Tips For 9th Grade Students

Composing a good research paper outline will follow a structure like many other writing assignments where you will include an introduction, body of work and research, and then the conclusion but there are a few additional tips that will help make an average outline go from good to great. Consider these tips so you can take your outline from average to great or at the minimum good, when you are completing this assignment.

  • Developing the introduction
  • When you are developing the introduction for our work the key to having a really great outline is in the details. The introduction should do several things including, highlight the reason that drove you to select this topic, the background information that you utilized and a catch phrase or story that will help to grab your reader’s attention. Once you have gathered the introductory information now is the time to move on to the body of the research work that you will be doing.

  • Body of the research work
  • The next section of the outline is the body where the major portion of the writing will take place. The body of the paper will include your research work, any additional tests or projects you may have conducted and then you will discuss your findings. When you develop the outline for this section you will want to structure it in a logical way so that the reader will be able to follow your train of thought as they progress through the work. The outline will highlight each step in the research process while giving you a place to logically organize your findings so that the written work will make sense when you begin the writing phase.

  • Finalizing the project
  • The last section of the outline is the conclusion portion and this is where you will summarize all your findings and finalize the project. During this section, you will want to include a summary of your work and the results of your effort. Additionally, for added impact on certain topics you can include a call to action.

By following this standard approach to a research paper outline you will have the makings of a great final project. Take the time to put together a detailed outline for your research and when it comes time to write you will just have to fill in the remaining details.

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