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10 Great Suggestions On How To Create A Term Paper About Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is a serious topic of discussion. For this reason it can make for a very powerful term paper. When creating a term paper about drug abuse, there are several things to keep in mind. We have made 10 great suggestions below to help you out!

  1. Understand rubric: Make sure to have a full understanding of the prompt and rubric. Teachers often include detailed or meticulous information that you must know of to get the best grade possible. For instance, some teachers like you to use a certain amount of sources. There are plenty of available sources about drug abuse, so this would surely be a silly way to lose points.

  2. Select a different approach: Drug abuse is a topic of much research and discussion. For this reason it is very interesting, but can also mean overdone. Be sure to pick a unique or interesting approach as to present a different glimpse of drug abuse.

  3. Complete preliminary research: By doing some research before you commit to a topic you can determine whether or not there is information available to successfully make your argument. If while in this stage you find little research, you will know to return to the drawing board before you have begun writing.

  4. Find interesting and varied information: Drug abuse is a topic with potential for very interesting sources. Explore the many different kinds of primary resources available to you that could make your paper even stronger. For instance, an interview with a drug addict or sponsor could make for very compelling research.

  5. Create a plan: One you are set on a topic with plenty of available and interesting information, you will want to create a plan. Your plan will be your outline. The outline presents your main idea of thesis statement in the introduction, support ideas in the body paragraphs, and then wraps everything up in the conclusion.

  6. Execute writing: With your outline you can start writing. The outline is the roadmap for your paper. Follow this to smoothly execute the essay from introduction to conclusion.

  7. Hook in Readers: Again, use interesting research. Hook in readers with the emotional and compelling information of the subject.

  8. Stay on point: Make sure to follow the outline stringently. By not straying from this skeleton for your term paper you guarantee that you will stay on point and organized.

  9. Draft writing: You will want to draft your writing many times to get to the final draft. Keeping the best and editing the rest of your writing.

  10. Ask for feedback: Finally, ask for feedback! Constructive criticism of others is very valuable in the writing process.
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