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The Top 20 Best Econometric Term Paper Ideas To Consider

Just because it is known as “the dismal science”, that doesn’t mean students of Economics have to fear and dread picking a research topic for your research paper. Econometrics is the marriage of economic theory, statistics, mathematics and economic modeling. The models that are created are often useful in predicting the direction of industry trends in a myriad of industries, and all of the world’s economies. Policy makers around the globe look to the results of these models to help them shape economic and financial policy, while industry leaders and company executives often rely on the work of their in house economists to help them make business decisions.

Not so dismal after all, right? There is no shortage of economic problems in need of solutions. Pick from macro or micro issues, domestic or global topics: below are some of the best ideas to help you get started writing a top-notch term paper.

  1. The U.S. vs. Europe: Positives and negatives of their differing approaches.
  2. International Trade: Does it help close the gap between rich and poor countries?
  3. Crowding-Out: How does government spending impact private enterprise?
  4. The North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the European Union (EU): Do free trade areas truly promote growth? Who benefits the most, and the least?
  5. The Great Recession and its impact on future growth
  6. Inflation versus Deflation: Which one does more damage?
  7. Global Warming: How it will change the structure our global economy.
  8. The Economics of War: Measuring the costs and benefits for both sides.
  9. The Fed and Quantitative Easing: What are the unintended consequences?
  10. Agricultural Subsidies: How do they distort markets and prices?
  11. Real Estate pricing models for urban renewal: Can they make housing more affordable, or do they benefit the few over the many?
  12. Gentrification: Its impact on marginal communities in America’s cities.
  13. Chinese Investment in Sub-saharan Africa: Impacts and challenges in the 21st Century.
  14. Investment in Renewable Energy Companies: Will it pay off?
  15. The U.S. Deficit Problem: Our shared burden - how big is too big?
  16. Income inequality: What are the true costs, short term and long term?
  17. The Gender Gap: How to close it and how that could help growth for everyone.
  18. Asset Bubbles, Past and Future: Can we recognize them before they burst?
  19. The Income Tax: How it works, or doesn’t work, to grow revenue.
  20. Boom and Bust: Can the business cycle be tamed for good?
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