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The Top 25 Research Paper Topic Ideas For College Students

At some point during their college career, students will have to write a research paper. This style of essay is assigned in many classes and is often a requirement for graduation. Before students can get started on their paper, they will need to figure out a topic. Students that are having difficulties in finding a topic can use some of the following tips and ideas.

Start With the Research

For completely new subjects, students lack the familiarity necessary to pick a topic. This situation can be easily remedied by reading through some of the course material. Students can check books out of the library on their topic. As they read, the student should write down any ideas that they might have about potential paper topics.

Narrow it Down

Once students have a general idea of what they want to write about, they need to narrow it down to a single thesis. Broad topics like the American Civil War are almost impossible to cover in a single research paper. Unless the student plans on writing an entire book, they need to boil down the topic to a single idea.

Topic Ideas for College Research Papers

  1. Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling: The Current Situation for Women in the Workplace
  2. Dealing With White Collar Crime: When Prison Time is not Enough
  3. Does Capital Punishment Deter Criminals?
  4. The Role of Sweatshops in the Modern Economy
  5. The Portrayal of Serial Killers in the Media
  6. The Great Monkey Trial and Scientific Teaching in America
  7. Isolationist and Interventionist Policies in United States History
  8. First-World Problems: Why Suicide Occurs Primarily in Industrialized Nations
  9. Changing Attitudes Toward Addiction: Weak Willed Versus Mentally Diseased
  10. Modern Ways to Combat Doping in Athletics
  11. Female Genital Mutilation versus Circumcision
  12. The Effects of the No Child Left Behind Act on Schooling
  13. Nuclear Energy: Dangerous Radiation or Energy of the Future
  14. Rise of Plagiarism in American Schools
  15. Is Taxing Garbage Bags an Effective Way to Encourage Recycling?
  16. The Last Frontier: New Species Discovered in the Ocean's Depths
  17. The Role of Family Relationships in Future Success
  18. Should There be Stricter Regulations for Dietary Supplements?
  19. Fad Diets and the Waist Line
  20. The Role of Inflammation in Causing Depressing
  21. The Argument for Labeling GMO Foods
  22. Effective Ways to Combat Teenage Pregnancy
  23. Portrayal of Minorities in the Media
  24. The Unintended Consequences of Seat Belt Laws
  25. Reformative Justice in Sentencing Criminals
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