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10 Unique Ideas For Choosing University Term Paper Topics

When it comes to the point where you need to produce a university term paper you may be at the point where you feel that you really want to take on a new angle rather than regurgitate the ‘safe’ topics that have been overworked for years and years.

One word of warning – make sure that when you take on a new angle or new focus on a much used topic that you have enough evidence to support your work. This is especially important when you are trying out some unique ideas for choosing your topic.

Remember that you want your work to be singled out for the right reasons, you want you work to stand out because it is really good, its original and you have developed an idea in an original but practical way. Think outside the box but be realistic.

  1. Be creative. Spend time with creative people. Creative does not necessarily always relate to arts and craft. But if you are studying physical sciences you may want to spend some time with people who work with fusing glass, how can this apply to some of your knowledge that glass is not really a solid it’s a liquid.
  2. Be original. By spending time with other people or people that you don’t normally spend time with its amazing how you can change your own views. The more time you spend with others the more original your own thoughts become.
  3. Be imaginative. Again think art. Imagine a picture that has been painted in a particular way or is very colourful. Now imagine it painted in monochrome – does it look the same? Why not? Apply you thought process to a topic that interests you and just change one aspect.
  4. Be inspired. Who inspires you? It does not matter if you are studying science or social sciences. What is it about that person’s work that you admire? Can you build on their philosophies?
  5. Be artistic. Remember that being artistic is not just about paint. How can you apply what you have learned in one subject area and apply it to another? Think about this one because it can be done.
  6. Be inventive. Look at some one the work you have completed over the term. Do you remember asking yourself ‘what if’ type questions, now is the time to try out what if’s.
  7. Be resourceful. Think of something that you have learned in during the term, how can this be replicated using different or more everyday resources?
  8. Be ingenious. Turn the tables. If you were the professor what topic would you suggest is a really good topic for a term paper? Why?
  9. Be innovative. Be a pioneer. Explore ideas. Brainstorm. Your ideas may end up developing something very new.
  10. Be ground-breaking. Remember the idea that you have had during the term? Why not use this time to explore and extend the topic.
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