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What Are The Basic Elements In The Research Paper Structure?

What is a research paper?

When we hear the words “research paper” all what comes to our mind is a stack of books and articles and a lot of theories proposed by eminent writers and authors. In real it is much more than this. It is a collection of various sources, a summary of different information pieces and a literature review of the topic in that field.

A research paper is a form of an expanded article or essay, where one tries to use all what he personally knows, as well as the findings of the experts in that field. It is a paper where the best available knowledge is put together and all possible information pertaining to it is included.

Where to find research paper samples?

Nowadays, many universities and colleges are incorporating the work of such papers in their system. They assign students the task of writing research papers on topics allotted to them, mostly covering current affairs and trending issues. For the simplicity of students, many sample papers are available online on websites as well as in libraries. They can have a thorough look and then write one for themselves.

The contents of a research paper:

An ideal paper of this kind includes the following heads:

  • Abstract - This section of the paper includes a one page summary of what the paper will be discussing. It is a very brief section and is written in simple language for the understanding of the reader.
  • Introduction - The first part of the project begins with the introduction. This outlines the topic, thesis and question which are being discussed. All the important questions like: what, where, when and why are answered here in brief.
  • Literature Review - This part contains the current literature of the topic being discussed. It summarizes the findings of the topic and explains on what basis such arguments stand.
  • Methodology - This is a simple part to write where the followed method is stated. It is always better to write this in detail as the reader may not be familiar with the chosen form of method being applied.
  • Results - Here the data is analysed and the various results are highlighted.
  • Conclusion - This is last part of the project where recommendations and improvements are shared.
  • References - This is a very important section where all the sources from where the information has been gathered are mentioned.

It is always recommended to go through a sample research paper before writing one, for detailed understanding and enhancement of knowledge.

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