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Looking For A Great Sample Of A Research Paper Outline In The MLA Style

The Modern Language Association has devised and championed a style of writing research papers called the MLA style. The most basic reason for this standardized style of writing is to ensure proper documentation of scholarly borrowing. The MLA website claims that the style is used in over 1,100 scholarly publications. The style is mostly used for papers in the humanities.

The Structure of an outline based on the MLA style

Before you start writing your papers, it is best to write an outline which will help you better structure your paper later on. The MLA way of writing an outline is a favorite among researchers because it is simple to follow but also lists the various aspects of the research comprehensively. Here is how an MLA outline is structured:

  • The author’s last name and the page number in lower case roman numerals are inserted at the top right hand corner of the outline page.
  • The title of the paper is inserted next, centered.
  • The heading “THESIS:” is used, flushed left and the central thesis of the outline is stated on the same line.
  • The first topical sentence is the written headlined by the Roman numeral “I” followed by any supporting idea using the capital letter “A”. Other topical areas and supporting ideas with evidences are broken down in a similar fashion.
  • Searching for MLA style research paper outline
  • There are various ways you can find a sample an outline written in the MLA style. Here is a listing of the many resources where you can search:
  1. Searching online
    • There are various online avenues where you can find good samples outlines. These include popular search engines and websites.
    • Good knowledge of search syntax can help you achieve better results when looking through a search engine. The trick is to eliminate useless parts of search terms and this will eliminate irrelevant search results. Using good search techniques, you can find a huge number of MLA based paper outlines.
    • Websites of universities and colleges as well as professional writing services also have large numbers of papers and outlines which can be used for reference.
  2. Libraries and Research Databases
    • Libraries and their databases can help you find highly relevant MLA style outlines for papers that will not only help you gain an insight into how to write a paper but may also help you gather new ideas for research.
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