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The Research Paper Conclusion Structure: A Helpful Guide

Compared to the rest of your paper, writing a conclusion is easy. All you have to do is restate your main point (in some cases this is your thesis statement), express the importance of your research and summarize what took place in your essay. How you conclude it can depend on the topic of your essay, but most structures follow the same outline.

Keep in mind that while writing this can be easy, it's just as important as the rest of your work. Everyone needs to have a strong conclusion to convince the readers of your position on the topic. You want to create a lasting impression so that the point of your essay stays with your readers after they've finished it. You can leave it open for discussion, but there should be a sense of closure with it.

You need to have smooth transitions, even in your final paragraph. You should hold your entire paper to the same standard. A conclusion can make or break your essay.

Do not wait until the end to state your thesis. You shouldn't be introducing something new. Trying to fit your thesis into the last part without having already mentioned it before can leave your readers confused. It will leave more questions than it answers.

The structure itself is simple. You can use this as a guideline.

First sentence – a restating of your thesis.

Following sentences – summing up the main points of your essay, explaining the results or answering whatever questions that still need to be addressed.

Final sentence – giving closure to the readers. Remind them why it was important.

To compose a conclusion that has no loose ends, you can keep the wording simple and precise. Referring to your introduction can also bring a sense of closure, as though your work has come full-circle.

If you need to finish it with an open ending, you can simply explain your research, what worked and what didn't. If it didn't work, you can tell the readers why, whether it be a lack of sufficient data or methods that provided little information.

You can analyse your research and determine what it suggests without having to finalize it. If there is another way to find the results, or a first step that needs to be taken in order to do so, you can end with that.

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