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Excellent Topics For Creating A Quality Research Paper In Psychology

It should go without saying that writing a high quality research paper should be part of your university life. It will be very demanding, as it requires a lot of reading around the subject and critically analysing the information that you have taken in. It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? However, if you can manage it, you will be rewarded greatly! At times, you might know a lot about psychology, but you will still struggle with coming up with a great topic to write about! That’s perfectly normal and there’s nothing to worry about. If you need help, here are a few topics that you should use:

  • Self-confidence
  • In most psychology related work, self-confidence plays a major role and you should definitely talk about that in your research paper. It doesn’t matter how you relate it; you can relate it to children, elderly or adults. Talk about how a certain factor can affect self-confidence and whether it is debilitative or facilitative.

  • Goal settings
  • Setting goals has been linked to many positive psychological outcomes in previous researches. You should find out how setting goals can affect psychological factors like motivation. It is a rather complex topic, but if you understand it, it shouldn’t be too bad at all!

  • Performance profiles
  • If you are particularly interested in sport psychology, you could talk about the use and effects of performance profiles. This includes how an athlete perceives his or her skills and how coaches perceive the athlete’s skills. A comparison would be made and then it would be used to improve on areas where the athlete is weak. It has been proven to improve the athlete’s skills greatly, as it helps in developing a mid-long term training programme (psychological training programme). However, if you don’t have a background in sport psychology, you may find this to be rather difficult to understand and you probably shouldn’t do this!

  • Child psychology
  • Another branch of psychology would be to focus on children. We don’t know a lot about children and you could certainly do something about that in your research paper. You could propose how parents’ behaviour affects a child’s growth or anything along that line. Obviously your research paper has to be based on evidence and can’t be based on your own experience!

Hope you have found this guide to be useful!

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