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Important Steps To Writing A Research Paper In APA Format

Many eminent researchers recommend American Psychological Association or APA format to rephrase the content to submit. Colleges and universities approve the APA format to instruct students to format the whole academic papers in this particular style. This good content writing style is conducive to the composition of academic papers which describe different experiments and self discovery study. Like MLA or Modern Language Association, APA style has some rules to follow. However, be careful while following the rules of APA as there is also AP style which is used by journalists to write or compose reports.

Main Parts of APA Format

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Reference
  • Citation
  • Headings

Do Proper Margin Resetting

As per the APA rule, the left side of the content must be justified with a gap of one inch. The indent will be ½ inch. The content formatting font will be Times New Roman with double space between the lines. Put the page number on right corner top of the paper. Put the running header in CAPS on the top of left corner of the academic paper.

Content Organization

You should not distort the content. Instead there will be a good content organization in the following order such as the Title, Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References, and lastly Appendices. Every section of the paper in APA format must be tuned up with relevant details to enable avid readers to be acquainted with the objectives and purposes of completing the findings.

Title Section- Use the First Letter of Every Word in Capital

General rule of writing the title is to use first letter in capital save and except insertion of definite and indefinite articles (an, a, and the)

Do Better Page Formatting

According to APA writing style, every section of the academic paper must be written on a different or separate page. That means, write the abstract on one page and then take a switchover to go for writing the introduction on a second page. In a single page, don’t write both abstract and introduction. However, usually, methods, results and discussion sections are placed just below the introduction. On a different page, reference is written.

Mention Name of Author with Year and Page Number to Write Citations

At the time of jotting down the citations, you will have to mention name of author with date of publication and page number properly. That means, any quoted statement, remarks, feedbacks or examples must be equipped with page number, author’s name with year within first bracket.

Finally put the heading on the center of the paper in bold color. However, sub headings can be placed on the left corner in bold letters .Always capitalize first letter of every word of the sub-heading.

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