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A Great Selection Of Literature Research Topic Ideas

A good topic for your literature research paper can be hard to find. You may decide on one topic, only to find that it is impossible to include the amount of information a research paper demands. Often times, the topic you choose can be the difference between a good grade and a great grade. With that in mind, we have compiled this selection of research paper topic ideas for you to start your search:

  1. The Characters Of Charles Dickens As An Extension Of Himself.
  2. Dickens is celebrated for his various characters, many of which seem to be derived from his own personality.

  3. Dorian Grey: A Metaphor For Contemporary Society?
  4. Dorian Grey's descent into madness can be compared to the downfall of modern society.

  5. Holy Scriptures As Works Of Literature.
  6. As the world grows increasingly secular, now may be the time for us to begin treating religious writing as "normal" works of literature.

  7. The Downfall Of The Great American Novel In The Twenty-First Century.
  8. Many scholars argue that the great American novel has become significantly less great since the beginning of the twenty-first century.

  9. The Lost Generation As A Justification For The Atrocities Of The First World War.
  10. World War One produced countless tragedies, but is the war justified by the classic works which it inspired?

  11. The Phantom Of The Opera: A Victim Of Circumstance?
  12. The Phantom Of The Opera is portrayed as a villain throughout the novel of the same name, but are his actions the result of the abuse which he had to endure due to his appearance?

  13. Is Hemingway Inspired By A Fear Or Love Of Death?
  14. Ernest Hemingway was undoubtedly concerned with death. But was he simply another person frightened of it or did he have some sort of deeper connection with death?

  15. The Reality Of Harry Potter.
  16. Many fans of the Harry Potter series argue that it contains guidelines for the real world which could benefit our lives and help us grow as a society.

  17. A Political Breakdown Of The Great Gatsby.
  18. The Great Gatsby follows a number of wealthy characters through a series of trials and tribulations, but is it in fact a criticism of America's upper classes at the time?

  19. Has Better Circumstance Rendered Satire Obsolete?
  20. Satirical writing was celebrated throughout the twenty century, but has it been rendered obsolete due to the better standard of living we experience now?

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