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Top 20 Intriguing Term Paper Topics on Astronomy

The following astronomy topics can be used to create very unique ideas for great term papers.

  1. Asteroids. The difference between asteroids and actual planets. A paper on asteroids
  2. Astronomy. Papers discussing astronomy brings out the study of heavenly beings and celestial objects. These objects include planets, stars, the moon, nebulae and comets.
  3. Aurora Borealis. Aurora Borealis term papers account for the appearance of the northern lights.
  4. Capture Hypothesis. A paper on capture hypothesis dealing with the model that explained the origin of the moon.
  5. Challenger. Challenger papers discuss the space shuttle that exploded just a short while after it took off
  6. Exoplanets. Exoplanet papers explore the planets that move outside the solar system.
  7. Exploring the Solar System. The term papers covering this topic compare the characteristics of the gas giants to those of the terrestrial planets.
  8. Fission Hypothesis. The Fission hypothesis papers explore how George Darwin thought the moon came to be.
  9. Giant Impact Theory. The papers dealing with this theory discuss a device that takes data lunar missions in order to determine the origination of the moon.
  10. Giuseppe Piazzi. Giuseppe Piazzi is the one who discovered asteroids. He is widely discussed in the papers.
  11. Hipparchus. Hipparchus papers discuss the accomplishments of the great astronomer.
  12. History of Astronomy. These papers go deep into the longtime study of planets and stars.
  13. Hubble Space Telescope. The papers report on the large telescope device program that revealed the originality of planets and stars.
  14. Life of a Star. Life of a star term papers discuss the activities and the formation of stars according to the view of the telescope.
  15. The moon. Moon papers discuss the origin of the moon and all the activities that revolve around it.
  16. Pulsars. Pulsars papers discuss the formation of general characteristics of the modern theories.
  17. Red Mars. The term papers discussing red mars illustrate the issues encountered during the colonization of mars and life inside mars.
  18. Red star. The red star evaluates Alexander Bogdanovs novel that relates to a Marxist society existing on the planet mars.
  19. Supernova. These term papers discuss the formation of huge stars in cosmos
  20. Universe. These papers discuss the scientific view of the world using physics and astronomy.
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