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A List Of Winning High School Literature Research Paper Topics

If you're having trouble thinking of a research paper topic, that's definitely going to win there are plenty of useful tips on the internet. There are many choices when picking your topic so make sure it's something you have a general interest in so you find it much more enjoyable to research about; this will make it easier for you to write about for a longer period and make it more interesting for the reader. Here are some examples to help point you in the right direction.

List of winning research paper topics – You can get useful help online by visiting this website

Alcohol -

  1. How does alcohol affect the human body?
  2. How and if it contributes to crime rates?
  3. Should they lower or raise the legal age and why?

Drugs -

  1. Should certain drugs be legalized and why?
  2. Should certain drugs that are legal be legalized?
  3. The impact of illegal drugs on a community

Firearms -

  1. Should firearms be banned in the United States?
  2. What would happen if firearms were to be made legal everywhere in the world?
  3. Do places, where guns are legal, have a higher crime rate than places where it is illegal?

Renewable energy -

  1. Pros and cons of renewable energy
  2. Do more people want to get involved in renewable energy but can't afford it?
  3. Is the production of solar panels environmentally friendly?

Poverty -

  1. Is there enough being done for the homeless?
  2. Do food banks really work?
  3. Should benefits for people be stopped?

Social media -

  1. Does social media affect a family's time together?
  2. Does social media contribute towards cyber bullying?
  3. How can social media be made safer?

History -

  1. Why was "jack the ripper" never caught?
  2. How did the British Empire’s reign come to an end?
  3. What impact was caused from the great depression?

Environment -

  1. What’s the effects of carbon emissions and how long can it continue?
  2. How does pollution destroy natural habitats and lower animal population?
  3. Will pollution ever be stopped?

For more winning research paper topics, you can visit this great website and get help online. Making you more than well on your way to a winning topic and if you are having trouble on thinking of things to say or can't come up with any more valid points, you have most likely rushed into picking a topic so look again until you feel confident.

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