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How To Get Good Mark On Your Research Paper On Your Social Skills?

A good research paper must be the amalgamation of many things rolled into one. It has to be accurate, measured, logical, precise and most importantly, clear. Writing a research paper is a laborious process and there is no short cut for making your paper a success. From the stage of conceptualizing to penning down the last draft- a paper should be a process close to your heart.

Social Skills as a Topic

If the topic of your research paper is related to social skills, then consider it as a challenging opportunity to showcase your writing and analytical skill. Doing a thorough study on the background is must and you also need to list down some good examples as well as quotes, to incorporate into the paper.

How to Score Good Marks on your research paper

  • Pick The Right Topic
  • If you are given the instruction of writing a paper on any topic related to social skills and have the liberty to pick the topic on your own- then give it some thought. A nice topic will instantly bring attention to your paper and make it stand out.

  • Say ‘No’ To Plagiarism
  • Writing a paper is a long process and it’s quite obvious that sometimes, you will run out of original ideas. On those times, you will feel tempted enough to lift up others’ ideas or copy their lines and paste it on your own paper. But don’t do it. Apart from being ethically wrong, just keep it in mind that a copied paper will be leaked eventually and thus- may ruin your career prospects further.

  • Methodology Brings Higher Scores
  • Depending upon whether you are a student of science/social science/humanities- the methodology is extremely important. Apart from writing down analysis and evaluation on the main body, in order to impress the reviewer, you need to get your hands dirty. Whether you choose qualitative method or quantitative one, it must show that you have given enough effort on this.

  • Take The Citation Importantly
  • The proper citation format for your page will earn your paper many brownie points. Whether you have to follow Harvard style or APA- you need to learn the proper formatting. Consult scholarly books on learning the tricks of citation and take special care to the page.

  • Revise The Structure Of Your Paper
  • Finally, the structure of the paper is of the utmost importance. From introduction to reference list- you need to check repeatedly whether the orderliness is maintained, once you are done with the final draft.

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