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Writing a Good Research Paper on Medieval Literature: Things to Remember

The most important thing you should remember when writing a research paper on medieval literature is that creating an essay is your chance to express yourself. Unlike with creative writing, in this case you will be limited by formal requirements. However, as long as you know what exactly your professors value most in these works, you will be able to create an outstanding essay.

Here are several tips you should keep in mind when working on a medieval literature research paper:

  • The structure of your work must be well-defined.
  • This is a mandatory requirement that you really need to remember at all times. Every paragraph of your paper must have a topic sentence, evidence, and examples. It should end with a linking sentence or phrase that connects it to the next one. Both conclusion and introduction should fulfill their purposes perfectly.

  • Use plenty of references.
  • As this is a work in literature, you won’t have difficulties with finding research material. Show that you’ve worked hard on research by incorporating numerous interesting references into your own text. Don’t forget to credit every source or you will be accused of plagiarism. Whether it was intentional or not, this will affect your grade.

  • Expand your research beyond the recommended list.
  • In most cases, students are given the list of recommended literature when they start working on this kind of project. You definitely need to study it, but don’t dismiss the other sources. There is a huge number of books and articles that can help you create an outstanding essay, so be sure to look for more of them.

  • Analyze both content and style.
  • A medieval literature paper should analyze the text it’s focused on thoroughly. Your grade will suffer if you pay attention to one aspect, but ignore the others. For a literary work, content and style are equally important. You need to show it in your essay and explain how one influences the other.

  • Show off your knowledge of texts.
  • This is essential for a paper on literature. You have to study English translations of the texts very carefully. Read them three times at the least and take careful notes. It’s imperative to reread the work after you’ve developed an outline for your paper.

  • Use clear language.
  • In order to be good, an essay must be well-written. The language you use must be clear and rather formal. Don’t overuse terms, and if you include any, provide their definitions immediately. If you aren’t 100% confident in your English skills, hire a professional to edit your work.

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