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Fresh Ideas for Criminal Justice Research Papers

Criminal justice is becoming more and more popular with the potential of a lucrative career in this field after you obtain your degree. However, before you can graduate from the criminal justice program, you will be asked to write a research paper. Picking a topic, then narrowing it down to have a clear and concise focus, can be frustrating and stressful. To help you with this important task, here are some fresh ideas for your criminal justice research paper.

  • Citizenship and Crime: Do crime rates change in border regions? What does citizenship say about crime rates and does it make a difference?
  • Crime Reports and Statistics: What do these topics really tell us about why and how crimes are committed? What (if any) are the ideas for new data that can be effective in deterring criminals and crime in general?
  • Crime and Religion: Commonly, religion is thought to prevent people from committing crimes; however, there are many crimes that are practiced in the name of religion. What in your opinion are the existing factors for this odd phenomenon that we can learn from today?
  • Crime and Education: When does education factor into crime? Are there different types or levels of education that tend to keep people from being criminals or does it matter?
  • Crime and the Culture: Do certain cultures have a higher crime rate or are there other reasons at work in this idea? Is it possible to form public policy by the understanding of cultural differences and the effect on the crime rate?
  • Crime and Aggression: Can different forms of aggression determine the type of crimes committed? Should and what could be done to deter aggressive people from getting into criminal situations?
  • Crime and Race: It seems like race is becoming a more "popular" view-point when it comes to the committing of crimes, but is this just a stereotype that continues to be perpetuated?
  • Crime and Mental Illness: Is mental illness a factor as to why people commit crimes and if so are certain mental instabilities more likely to be involved in criminal activities?
  • Crime and Peers: How does peers and the pressure from them affect crime? Are there certain programs that could be initiated to deter this behavior?
  • Crime and Public Policy: Can public policy really affect the crime rates or will it continue regardless of what it states?

Now that you have read these criminal justice prompts, perhaps you have your own idea or take on one of these that will wow your professor and have you making the grade.

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