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How To Set Up A Medical Research Paper Title Page

Medical students who write research papers struggle with what to include and what not to include on the title page of their papers. This article is written especially for such students. Hopefully, this should guide you in the right direction and help you overcome the doubts you may have. Given below are 7 guidelines you can follow when designing a title page for your medical research paper.

  1. Title of the content: The title page must definitely include the title of the content. In order to grab the reader’s attention, it’s a good idea to include a catchy phrase or an interesting question at the end of the title.
  2. Purpose of the paper: Every medical paper is written with a purpose in mind whether to inform about a finding or on behalf of a foundation or as a research work. This should be briefly stated on a title page.
  3. Writer of the article: A paper without the name of the writer or the author is an incomplete one. In cases where there is more than 1 author, all the names should be mentioned.
  4. Time of completion: The author/s name/s should be followed by the date, month and year of publication of the article. In some instances, it is completely acceptable to omit the date.
  5. Keywords if any: It’s always a good practice to include some recurrent keywords on this page for use with online reference. Make sure the keywords are used in the body as well.
  6. Proper referencing style: A medical research paper should follow the American Medical Association (style) of referencing which can be obtained from a good Medical Science library.
  7. Semantics of the page: A title page of a medical research paper will look much better if the text is centered and the page is equally margined on all 4 sides.

Apart from the above, it is a good practice to avoid clutter as much as possible and to have the maximum amount of white spaces. A title page should stand out and be different from the rest of the pages of the research paper, meaning that it should have a different look and feel to it. In some cases, you might be asked to mention the name and the number of the course in which case they should added as well.

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