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Suggestions On Where To Get A Good Example Of A Psychology Research Paper

Examples of psychology research papers can sometimes be hard to get a hold of - especially for free - exactly when you need them most. However, there are plenty of places both online and offline where you can access great samples in order to understand exactly what is required and expected of your own writing. Listed below are just a few suggestions.

  • Libraries
  • It seems obvious, but public and especially university libraries will have a great range of academic essays, dissertations and other writing that you can access, almost always for free. Once you have read a couple of these, you can draw upon them for your own psychology work, knowing exactly the sort of layout, style and format that is expected of a publishable research paper.

  • Essay/paper sites
  • There are hundreds of essay sites all on the web that sell essays and other academic writing examples. Although it isn’t free, these sites often offer a lot of choices - if you wanted a particular example, for instance - and do not have to be very expensive. Just remember to shop around!

  • Google and Google Scholar
  • If you simply type your keywords into the search bar of either Google or Google Scholar, you will be flooded with millions of results. This is perhaps a bit more time-consuming than simply going to a site where you pay for samples, but it does have the benefit of being a free way to access good psychology research papers. Just make sure that these examples are good quality because you don’t want to be taking inspiration from bad essays for your own work!

  • Individual professors from universities
  • Sometimes, professors will be working on papers that are nearly finished but have not yet been published. For this reason, it is a good idea to ask your tutors and teachers to see whether they or anyone else in the psychology department has some free examples they could give you. Professors are very often extremely keen to help, and asking to see examples of their work is both flattering and makes you seem bright, which teachers simply love. So don’t be afraid to ask! Remember, try to search professors who are studying a similar field to the one you are planning to write on, so that you know that the layout and style that they choose is also the right one for you.

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