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Great Suggestions for Anatomy and Physiology Term Paper Topics

Can’t come up with any interesting ideas for your anatomy and physiology term paper? Take a look at the following prompts. They are sure to inspire you.

  1. Eugenics movement in the U.S.
  2. This paper should list the eugenics movements that existed in the U.S. and explain the ideas they were based on. Offer your personal views on eugenics.

  3. Human endocrine system disorders.
  4. Name the glands that make up the endocrine system and explain the importance of each of them. Name the hormones they produce and the roles they play in a human body.

    List the known disorders that affect this system and their causes. What treatment methods exist today? Can you offer any ideas on how to improve them?

  5. The five senses.
  6. In this paper, you need to pay equal attention to each of the five senses that allow people to perceive the world around them. You need to explain how the brain can be controlled through some abnormal stimuli (various indoctrination techniques).

    Tell about the sensory deprivation room and its effects on psyche.

  7. Heart disease treatments.
  8. List the common causes and treatments for heart disease. What preventative measures are the most effective? How do popular treatments affect other systems of the body?

  9. Genetics.
  10. This paper can focus on any kind of genetics-related issue you find the most interesting. For example, you can write about cloning, or genetic diseases, or even controlled mutations. This subject is very popular today, so a good paper on this topic is sure to attract some attention to you.

  11. MRSA in hospitals.
  12. MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a strain of bacteria that is highly dangerous and mostly contracted in hospitals. This particular strain is extremely difficult to kill due to its resistance to antibiotics. List the most effective treatment methods as well as potential dangers presented by the infection caused by this bacterium. How to protect hospital patients from it?

  13. Liver functions.
  14. Explain the importance of liver and every single one of its functions. What are the biggest health risks for this organ? How can you protect it?

  15. Muscular system development impediments.
  16. What can affect the development of your muscular system? Can the damage be reversed or efficiently treated?

  17. Infertility treatment.
  18. Explain how the cause of infertility affects the choice of treatment. Can you offer some more efficient methods to solve this problem?

  19. Lymphatic system.
  20. Define the term “lymphatic system” and explain its importance in a human body. List the common conditions that affect it and their treatments.

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