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How To Compose A Good Research Paper On Violence In Video Games

If you’re a gamer, you know that sometimes video games can get a little out of control. The violence in these simulations can even be frightening. So what about when you have to write a research paper about it? Here are some great tricks on composing such a paper:

  • Use experience. If you or anyone you know plays violent video games, use these experiences to fuel your essay. Take examples from real life and put them to work. If you notice a particularly violent game that has really been having an impact on a lot of people, take notes about what parts of the game are specifically overwhelming. Then, use those details to strengthen your argument.

  • Narrow it down. Rather than focusing on multiple video games collectively, pick one to solo out and focus on that one. There are so many games to choose from that it can be hard to stick to one. However, if you know which ones are the most popular and which of the most popular are also the most violent, then you have a very good starting point. It’s much easier to read a paper that is narrow and specific as opposed to one that is very general and broad.

  • Get graphic. Use as much gory detail in your paper as you can. Explain the violence in depth in order to capture the reader's attention and make a solid impression. Any argument is always made stronger with deep imagery and vivid description.

  • Dig up the roots. Get to the bottom of the violence. Try to figure out why people prefer this type of game as opposed to more cordial ones. Was there a specific event in history that triggered this change? How did people initially react to the first game of this kind? Who created games like these, and what keeps the market for them going strong? All of these are great questions to answer in your essay.

  • Build gradually. Slowly move from your weakest point to your strongest point throughout your research paper. All of your arguments should be factually sound, but some of them will have more information than others. Save the best ones for last and hit your reader the hardest right at the end. The importance of shock value in an essay like this should not be underestimated.
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