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How To Write A Research Paper Abstract Step By Step

An abstract is a small overview of your research paper. Usually, it doesn’t consist of more than 300 words and summarizes everything that is written in your paper. However, many students make mistakes when it comes to writing an abstract for their research papers. Read the guideline in this article and learn how to deal with this matter.

  1. Write your paper.
  2. Some students write abstracts before working on their actual academic papers. This is wrong, because you should know exactly what is written in your paper to make an abstract. If you write your abstract first, it may not exactly coincide with the contents of your paper, because you may slightly deviate from your original direction in the process of writing.

  3. Check the requirements for an abstract.
  4. Before writing your abstract you should approach your instructor and ask whether there are any requirements for it. Ask about a minimum and maximum length of an abstract and style requirements.

  5. Determine the type of your abstract.
  6. There are two types of abstracts: informative and descriptive. You should use the former or the later depending on your paper. Informative type gives an overview of the whole work including results, so use it for long technical research papers. Descriptive abstracts are shorter and describe only the purpose and methods of your work.

  7. Determine your purpose.
  8. Writing an abstract you should explain a few things to your readers. Write why you decided to choose your topic. Write about the importance of your work. Point out why it’s useful for everyone to read your paper.

  9. Explain what problems you’re dealing with.
  10. Now you should explain to your readers what problems you try to solve in your work. Write whether you’re dealing with a general issue or specific problems. State your main argument related to this matter.

  11. List your methods.
  12. The next step is to tell about the methods that you used in your research to solve certain problems. Support your claims with evidence from reliable sources. State the main sources that you used.

  13. Tell about your results.
  14. Write this part only when making an informative abstract. List the results you achieved in your research. Discuss whether your methods proved to be effective. Describe your general findings.

  15. Conclude the abstract.
  16. Summarize previous information and discuss whether the achieved results have met your expectations. Determine the ways in which your study might be continued. Point out the significance of the work done.

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