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10 Things You May Do To Ruin Your Term Paper

A term paper is very important piece of writing students complete during their academic careers. You need to be very careful with all the research and hard work because you need to earn a good grade in your paper. Students work hard on their term papers but make few mistakes rather blunders that lose all the impression of their paper. To make sure your paper is free of any mistakes you need to read the following guidelines

Here is a list of ten blunders that will make your paper worthless despite of all the effort you put

  1. Use plagiarized content
  2. Plagiarism is not at all accepted in academic assignments and is the last thing you would want your term paper to have. If the professor detects plagiarized content in your paper, he has the authority to either fail you in the paper or suspend you from the university.

  3. Use of jargons
  4. The worst thing you want to do with your paper is to use alien terms without prior introduction. Even if you have to use an abbreviation, jargon or a less common term, you should give a background to your readers. You might be accustomed with the term during your research but your readers will have no clue what you are talking about

  5. Use of wrong formatting
  6. You should keep in mind the instructions you teacher gave you for the formatting of your paper. If you write a great paper but use the MLA format instead of APA that was required then your efforts will be in vain.

  7. Using casual writing style
  8. You should bear in mind that your term is a formal academic assignment. You should not write it as if you are writing a story or a fiction novel. You need to keep your writing style formal.

  9. Use of irrelevant facts
  10. Do not include irrelevant details in your paper that will waste time for your readers and make your paper less valuable

  11. Choosing an obsolete topic
  12. Remember to choose a topic, which is recent and latest. Do not use over dragged topics for your term paper.

  13. Grammatical and spelling mistakes
  14. Your paper should be free of grammatical and spelling mistakes before you submit it to your teachers.

    Also, these will be the things that will ruin your paper

  15. No logical order
  16. Introducing new ideas in the conclusion
  17. Choosing a too broad topic
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