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How To Complete Your English Research Paper: Topics Ideas

We have come across various excellent research papers with well-developed points and arguments. However, as much as we are amazed by the paper, we always tend to ask ourselves, from where did the writer come up with the topic to write the paper on? Did they get it online? Or is there a list of topics that exists but only they know? Despite such questions, an excellent topic for a research paper presents itself in our day-to-day lives only that we do not recognize.

Why Marijuana is illegal, yet its side effects are not as fatal as alcohol and tobacco? This could be an excellent topic since it is actually an argument that has been going for quite some time. Tobacco and alcohol cause millions of deaths every year yet they have been certified to be sold to the public but no such case has been heard concerning Marijuana. Or is it because Marijuana’s side effects have not yet been proven fatal or not and that is why it is still illegal? Guess you’ll have to research and tell us your findings.

Another topic that can be good for an English research paper is one concerning global warming. How will global warming affect our climate in the future? Some research on this has been done, but it has not yet been sufficient enough to come up with a final deduction. Will the ice caps melt resulting to an increase in water level? What about the weather? Will we experience extreme weather conditions throughout? Or will it be one, consistent weather?

Ebola can be another excellent topic. Right from its transmission, carriers, incubation period, stages etc. There is so much to write on concerning this disease. Is it curable? If yes, with what? If no, is there a vaccine that is being developed? How long will it take before a cure/vaccine is found? With such questions lingering our minds, one can definitely not miss on what to research on.

I cannot exhaust all the topics but one more that can form a good English research paper is on how the ranking of the wonders of the world came to be? What criterion was used to determine the former and latter on the list? Was it time? Are some older than others? Who discovered these wonders and why these particular ones and not all these other discoveries, inventions and constructions.

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