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Composing An Academic Research Paper Properly The Essentials

Research papers are one of those horrible and annoying parts of life. They’re tiresome, and you have to go through a lot of trouble to write them. They’re also a fundamental part of your college education, they’re incredibly informative, plus they give you an opportunity to hone your research and writing skills. If you didn’t do a research paper, you didn’t go to college it’s as simple as that. Here are a few tips to make sure that your essays are always good (A+) quality.

  • Do your research:
  • Investigate. Spend hours on Academic Google looking for and reading up from reliable sources on the topic you have to write about. Don’t stick only to the Internet, go to your College/ local library, there will always be plenty of books, magazines and newspapers with at least a mention of the topic you need to learn about.

  • Jot down where you found each thing and cite, cite, cite!
  • Remember that it is really important to cite your references using whichever citation style you have to. Just don’t forget to take note of the book’s/web-page’s data (namely: author, publication date, URL if applicable) or just take a screen cap or pic with your phone of the page that has all that information in books.

  • Introduce, Develop and Conclude!
  • Every type of essay or paper always has to have an introduction to state the topic and angle you will talk about. You also state your hypothesis here. A body, to develop your ideas and angles from different perspectives and support or disprove your main hypothesis. Lastly, you need to have a conclusion. Within your conclusion is where you include your results and opinion. Research papers are not so subjective, so it is very important to state facts in the body. Only facts. Once you get to the conclusion, you can write what results you got and what you think of them and of how you got them. Consider leaving the conclusion off with the option to continue research on the topic and in the area.

  • Read and reread what you wrote
  • It is very probably that as you wrote, your ideas and angles underwent transformations. It is very important that you go back and read what you wrote after you are done to be able to edit out inconsistencies and any mistakes you made. If it helps you, you can put it through google translate and have it speak it to you. This is a really easy and nice way to spot mistakes and hear what you wrote. Another option: Have someone read it and tell you what they think and understood, just don’t give an astrophysics paper to an elementary school aged kid.

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