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How To Find A Good Sample Accounting Research Paper: Vital Advice

If you are struggling to write your accounting research paper, one of the best things you can do is search for a sample. But how can you find a sample?

  • You can turn to the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful resource but you have to make sure you practice discretion. If you are using the Internet to find a sample you need to review all of the website for the city and you need to make sure that you find a site that is credible? You want to make sure that the author is an authoritative figure of some sort, that they know what they're talking about and that they can prove they know what they're talking about. Don't download a sample from a random anonymous blog created by a student in Pakistan. This will not show you what you really need. But instead for a sample from an academic website where a professor from MIT is posting helpful resources or a blog from a Harvard professor.

  • If you're going to look online practice discretion. Search for educational websites in particular. Educational websites are four more credible and you can rely upon them significantly more than you can rely upon a blog or generic website posted by an anonymous person.

  • Turn your teacher. Ask your teacher if they can give you a sample or if they can direct you to where you can obtain a sample. Just because they might not be able to provide you with a sample does not mean that they cannot show you where to get a sample. Your teacher might be able to provide you with the exact sample that you need or they might be able to direct you to another teacher who can provide you with the sample that you need or a student who has written the exact essay you are tasked with writing and might be able to give you a copy of their previous writing assignment so that you can learn from it. You never know what resources your teacher might have to offer. And there is no harm in asking. Your teacher is there to help you and they know that looking at a sample is one of the best resources students have as a result they are more than happy to help you craft the perfect paper by providing you with a sample.
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