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24 Attention-Grabbing Psychology Research Paper Topics For College Students

Psychology is an interesting subject and deals with the study of human behaviors and mental thought process. Students who have a passion for the subject would find it interesting and continue to study certain fields under the subject. If a student does not have an interest in the subject, then it would be difficult for him to stay focused or dedicated to write his work. A research paper is an important piece of paper that you will write during your academic career. You have to follow a proper format, organize your ideas and think critically so that you can come up with a strong paper.

The title of your paper should be interesting so that it can hook your audience as well as add to the existing subject field. One thing to keep in mind is that the paper will vary with the audience. If you are to create a paper for your fellow researchers in the same field then you will have to follow a different approach while the requirements would vary if you have to create your paper for people with no technical knowledge of the subject. If you are to create a strong topic for your psychology paper, then you should try these ideas. You can change or edit these topics based on what you aim to achieve through your paper

Titles for a paper in psychology

  1. Free range parenting versus helicopter parenting
  2. The impact of war on veterans and their families
  3. Suicide attempt
  4. The impact of abortion on the mental health of the female
  5. Violence and video games
  6. Screen time and its impact on cognitive thinking
  7. Can yoga improve your mental health
  8. What is schizophrenia and how to cure it
  9. Encouraging kids and confidence
  10. Why do siblings hit each other
  11. Why do we get scared of the dark
  12. Why people have phobias
  13. Effect of divorce on young people
  14. Teenage pregnancy
  15. Drug abuse and domestic violence
  16. Teenage suicidal thoughts
  17. Failure and rejection
  18. Catharsis through different art forms
  19. Mental health and outdoor sports
  20. Can a person have psychological disorder without him knowing
  21. What are personality disorders
  22. How to ward of anxiety and depression
  23. What is post traumatic stress disorder
  24. Impact of second marriage on children
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