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The Top 15 Best Research Paper Topics In Education

What really makes a great research topic for an education paper? First, you should consider the field that you are going into and which topics may apply. Second, consider the controversy that surrounds your topic. Can you pick a side and back it up with research? Finally, be sure that the research paper topic you choose for your education paper is able to be supported with factual data. If you need advice on where to start, here are 15 of the best research topics for education.

  1. Bullying- It is no doubt that bullying has become an epidemic. What do you think should be done about bullying in the school systems? Is it really preventable?
  2. Gender-Segregated Education- What are the advantages and disadvantages of separating classes by gender? How do you think it affects learning, social, and other processes?
  3. Testing- How important do you think standardized tests are? Should they be used as an indicator? Why or why not?
  4. Ability Grouping- Is it harmful or helpful to group students by their learning abilities? Is it fair to separate them from their peers?
  5. Learning Styles- Do you believe it is important to account for different learning styles when teaching your students? How can it help them learn?
  6. Cheating and Technology- How do you think technology influences students to cheat? How have the techniques changed over the years?
  7. Hyperactivity in Students- Do you think students today are over-medicated or diagnosed with ADHD too soon?
  8. Motivating Students to Learn- How has technology affected the way that students learn? What are appropriate incentives?
  9. School Lunch Nutrition- Good food is the building block for a good brain. Should schools be trying to provide more nutrition with meals?
  10. Class Size- What is an appropriate class size? At what point does teaching a large class lose its effectiveness?
  11. Teacher Salaries- Do you believe teachers are making enough? How valuable is the education of future generations?
  12. School Uniforms- What effects do wearing student uniforms have on the student body? Are they good or bad when it comes to education and creativity?
  13. College Rankings- Can the college you choose for your degree path really affect your employment future?
  14. Discipline- What types of discipline are appropriate for school? Are they effective?
  15. Multiculturalism- Do schools do enough to consider a child’s cultural background? Is the curriculum offered by most schools diverse enough?
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