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Academic Writing Made Simple: 7 Inspiring Ideas For Your Next Term Paper

Term papers can be assigned in nearly every type of class. It does not matter what class you have to write your term paper, choosing a topic is always difficult. Since research papers are generally persuasive, the topics you choose should have some controversy to them. Here are seven topics that you can use for your research paper or to inspire you for a different topic:

  1. Education topics. There are thousands of topics about education. Some of the most popular right now involve standardized testing, teacher evaluations, and schools of choice. Other topics include discrimination, roles of schools in cyberbullying, school responsibility vs. parent responsibility, and grade inflation.

  2. Internet topics. As the role of the Internet continues to change, research paper topics do, too. There are always questions about copyright and ownership of ideas as well as the role of the Internet in education. The role of social media in business, education, and other large areas can lead to interesting topics, too.

  3. Medical topics. Medical topics are always changing, too. As researchers find new and exciting medication discoveries, the medical field offers plenty of ideas for topics. Some of the timely, controversial topics include medical marijuana, vaccinations, exercise and diet, major diseases, and medical insurance. Medical topics also include those in the realm of psychology, pharmacology, geriatrics, plastic surgery, and alternative medicines.

  4. Marketing topics. Should marketers target children? How has marketing changed the way that people shop?

  5. Censorship topics. Schools are always involved in censorship, as they look for ways to avoid having problems with it. Public schools have to worry about the books they stock in their libraries. There are also countries that have to worry about censorship, too. This can be a fascinating topic because students will learn about the repercussion of censoring material from citizens or from students.

  6. Athletics topics. Since sports and athletics are so popular in today’s world, there are always excellent topics for research papers. The excessive pay that athletes receive can be the focus of a fascinating paper. Students can look at the role of amateur athletics and how college athletes are treated by their governing bodies. Students can also look at the women’s sports and how they can become more popular.

  7. Environmental topics. The environment is an important part of our lives, so the topic can be inspirational. Wind turbines, landfills, or global warming are just a few of the fascinating topics in the environmental category.
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