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Picking Up Interesting Biology Research Paper Topics: 10 Ideas

Every research paper that you write is a serious work. You spend a lot of time and invest a good deal of effort into this task to reach success. It’s a shame if something goes wrong, wasting all your time and effort. That’s why, before you start writing, try to think over every detail of the project and make sure that you have given attention to all the tiniest nuances.

One of the most important details in your project is its topic. The topic you choose determines the mood in which you get down to the process of writing, searching for reference material, formatting, and, finally, submitting your paper. You need to choose the topic that you really like and make sure that you can find enough information to support your point of view of the subject. Besides that, you need to be absolutely sure that you have a point of view of your own. Having some information from sources is great, but you definitely need to express your own ideas on the subject or offer a new interesting approach.

When choosing a good topic for a biology research paper, you need to make sure what exactly makes you interested and what you absolutely dislike. Having determined this, find out whether there is a list of offers composed by your teacher. Is there isn’t any, try searching for such lists on the Internet. They are available at different resources that are dedicated to academic writing. Apart from that, you can try searching for biology projects in the library of your college. Surely, some works have once been inspired by interesting ideas.

Choosing a topic for your project, make sure that it’s not a banal and overused one. Your work should be unique in all aspects.

Below, you can find several suggestions that can meet your demands:

  1. Genetic causes of obesity: the possibility of avoiding this disorder.
  2. Can the preserved viruses of smallpox or Ebola be used as a biological weapon?
  3. The real connection between vaccination and development of autism.
  4. Causes of cancer in our environment. What can trigger cancer in our everyday activities?
  5. Genetic diseases and the possibility of completely fighting them.
  6. The use of medical and biological nanotechnologies in our life.
  7. The cause and methods of fighting phobias.
  8. The key to hypnosis and its effect on the human brain.
  9. The importance of sleeping. Sleeping disorders.
  10. The need of birth control and the effect of birth control on women’s health.
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